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Finden China is a trusted advisor and an objective resource for more than 2000+ entrepreneurs, SMEs and merchants when doing business in Chinese speaking world.
Our research products are fully customizable and flexibly designed to help decision makers for risk management purposes, enhanced due diligence and investigations.
Our Enhanced Due Diligence incorporates the most accurate and precise information from various aspects and provides in-depth analysis to help businesses in reducing risk, building trust, and securing transactions when investing in China.

Finden China supports

Doing Business in China

The key to success when doing with China is an in-depth knowledge of Chinese companies with associated parties and individuals.

Market Entry Solutions

Foreign companies expand business network in China also increase their exposure to commercial, compliance, political and reputational risk.

Investment Solutions

Investing in China could be lucrative. However, the right investment partner with due diligence on shareholdings and ownerships are crucial to deploy suitable investment approach for the best positive investment return.

Trading Solutions

A deep understanding of China’s import and export regulatory framework is crucial. The Chinese government places complex inspection and certification requirements on the import of goods.

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Finden China serve investors, merchants, SMEs and multinational enterprises in all sectors, law firms, government departments, asset management firms around the world.

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