Verify Any Companies in Taiwan

Finden China offers (EDD) Enhanced Due Diligence and detailed company verification to help you reduce the risk of doing business in Taiwan. Our company verification reports save your time and money while also ensuring that you have the right information to identify trustable business partners in Taiwan.

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Included in this Report

Company Registration Informaion

Registration Details
  • Official Company Name
  • Registration Status
  • Business Operations Status
  • Registration Number
  • Registered Address
  • Company Type
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Legal Representative
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Registered Capital
  • Paid-up Capital
  • Business Scope
  • Branch Office
Company Directors

for Each Director:

  • Director Name
  • Director Title
  • Numbers of Shares Held by Each Director

*Please note that the shareholders of offshore companies cannot usually be provided

Reputational & Legal Checks


For Each Occurence:

Against Company During

Last 3 years:

  • Nature of Case
  • Defendant(s)
  • Court
  • Judgement URL
  • Plaintiff (s)
  • Case Tyle
  • Case Number
  • Judgement Date

Advanced Company Ownership Information

Intellectual Property Information

For each Patent and Trademark:

  • Patent Name
  • Patent Certificate Number
  • Announcement Date
  • Patent Duration
  • Trademark Registration Number
  • Trademark Name
  • Trademark Logo
  • Trademark Duration

* Limited to the first 30 patents and Trademarks each

Company Registration Changes

for the Last 3 years:

  • Changes to Official Company Name
  • Changes to Company Type
  • Changes to Registered Capital
  • Changes to Directors
  • Changes to Registered Address
  • Changes to Legal Representative
  • Changes to Business Scope

Site Identification

Site Features
  • Site Map
  • Site Images
Site Co-ordinates (with link to online map)
Sites Covered

One Site:

  • Regisered Address