Chinese Individual Report

Finden China enable clients to proactively assess and mitigate the risks involved with whom they do business through useful and actionable information.

Individual Background Check Report
Finden China Individual Background Check Report is performing background checks on applicants, employees and business partners to discover potential issues that could affect your business.

We collect comprehensive, up-to-date data, quickly, securely and on-going relevant information regarding individual background, education history, tax matters, bankruptcy history, liquidated assets, corporate ownership, directorship, management information and credit report assessment.

Our research covers:

  • Property
  • Investments including shares and bonds
  • Trusts
  • Directorships
  • Assets hidden by ownership by connected individuals, companies or corporate entities
Personal Information Report for Pre-Employment Onboarding

We provide detailed background check to ensure the candidate is who he/she claims to be. We will verify the candidate’s credentials and background, find out if he/she has previous records of directorship, civil litigation, and much more.

By using Finden China Personal Information Report, you can avoid any conflict of interest with the candidate, your company, and the recruitment agency assisting with the selection process.

Our Service Includes:

  • Verification of educational qualifications
  • Confirmation of employment history, position, salary, and reason for leaving
  • Telephone inquiries directly with the candidate’s referees
  • Regulatory checks
  • Research of corporate records to identify business interests
  • Property ownership
  • Involvement in litigation and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Media research in traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese, Chinese pinyin and English (if applicable)
Credit Report for Chinese Individuals
Finden China Credit Liability Report assess individual information and personal data through government sources, historical records of tax and credit, which is useful for
  • Income and sources of wealth
  • Assets tracing
  • Ownership and directorship checking
  • Tax issues and liability settlement
  • Current personal or business loan
  • Past loans and repayment ability