Verify Any Companies in Mainland China

Finden China offers (EDD) Enhanced Due Diligence and detailed company verification to help you reduce the risk of doing business in China. Our enhanced due diligence and company verification report will confirm whether a prospective or existing customer or partner is providing you with complete and accurate information.

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Included in this Report

Company Registration Informaion

Registration Details
  • Official Company Name
  • Registration Status
  • Business Operations Status
  • Registration Number
  • Registered Address
  • Comany Type
  • Date of Establishment
  • Lecense Expiry Date
  • Legal Representative
  • Supervisor
  • Registration Bureau
  • Registerd Capital
  • Paid-up Capital
  • Year of Most Recent Annual Return
  • Business Scope
Company Directors

for Each Director:

  • Director Name
  • Director Title
Company Shareholders

For Each Shareholder:

  • Shareholder Name
  • Date of Latest Investment
  • Shareholder Holding

*Please note that information of shareholders of offshore companies requires additional research.

Reputational & Legal Checks

Abnormal Business Operation

For Each Occurence:

  • Reporting Date 
  • Status
  • Resolution Method
  • Reason 
  • Date Resolves
Administrative Panalties

For Each Penalty

  • Date of Penalty
  • Details of Penalty
  • Type of Violation
  • Issuing Authority

Data is taken from the most recent annual return available

For Each Case:

  • Nature of Case
  • Defendant(s)
  • Court
  • Judgement
  • Plaintiff(s)
  • Case Type
  • Case Number
  • Judgement Date
Law Enforcement

For Each Enforcement Case:

  • Case Number
  • Case filing Date 
  • Dishonest Enterprise Blacklisting?

  • Name of Court
  • Enforcement Goal

Advanced Company Registration information

Foreign Trade Registration
  • Operating English Name
  • Import and Export Enterprise Code
  • Date of Registration
Company Registration Changes

All Available Records on:

  • Changes to offcial Company Name
  • Changes to Company Type
  • Changes to Supervisor
  • Changes to Business Scope
  • Changes to Shareholders
  • Changes to Registered Address
  • Changes to Legal Representative
  • Changes to Registered Capital
  • Changes to Directors

Ownership Chart

Chart Features
  • Shareholder Names in chinese & English
  • Shareholding      Percentages
  • Color – coded Shareholder Types
Shareholders Covered

Levels Included:

Corporate Shareholders

Individual Shareholders:

  • 1st-degree Shareholders
  • 2nd-degree Shareholders
  • 3nd-degree Shareholders
  • Mainland Chna companies
  • Hong Kong Companies
  • Offshore Companies*
  • Government Bodies
  • Chinese Nationals
  • Foreign Nationals

*Please note that information of shareholders of offshore companies requires additional research.

Site Identification

Site Features
  • Site Map
  • Site Images
Site Co-ordinates (with link to online map)
Sites Covered

Up to Three Sites:

  • Regisered Address
  • Submitted Address
  • Contact Address

Subsidiaries & Branches

Companies Invested in

For each Company:

  • Invested Company name
  • Amount Invested
  • Percentage        Shareholding

For each Branch

  • Branch Name
  • Responsible Person
  • Branch Registered Address
  • Branch Registration Number
  • Branch Registration Date
  • Branch Business Scope

Data is taken from the most recent annual return available

Annual return

Declared Basic information
  • Date Annual Return Submitted
  • Email Address
  • No. of Female Employees
  • Contact Address
  • Websites
  • controlling interest Type
  • Contact Phone Number
  • No. of Employees
  • Main Business Activities
Declared Shareholders

For Each Shareholder:

  • Shareholder Name 
  • Paid-up Capital Details
  • Subscribed Capital Details
Declared Shareholding Changes

For Each shareholding


  • Shareholder Name
  • Current Holding 
  • Previous Holding 
  • Date of Change
Disclosed Financial Details

Data is taken from the most recent annual return available

  • Total Assets
  • Total Tax Paid
  • Net Profit
  • Total Revenue
  • Total Owner’s Equity
  • Total Liabilities
  • Operting Revenue 
  • Total Profit
Declared Investments

For Each investment:

  • Name of Invested Company
  • Invested company Registration Number
Declared External Guarantees

For Each External


  • Name of Creditor 
  • Type of Debt Owed to Main Creditors
  • Debt Repayment Deadline
  • Guarantee Form
  • Name of Debtor
  • Amount of Debt Owner to Main Creditors
  • Guarantee Period

Company Certifications & Licenses

Website Licenses

For Each Website:

  • ICP License
  • License Issue Date
  • URL

Limited to the first 100 trademarks registered in China

For Each Trademark:

  • Trademak Logo
  • Trademark Classifications

Limited to the first 100 patents registered in China

For Each Patent:

  • Patent Identifier
  • Patent Classifications